And I don’t pray for sanity, I only pray for you, you and you; for sanity and happiness are an impossible combination. 

You’re an unatonable sin, 

And I am a hopeless sinner.  

it’s 1:01, I wish I can hold you tight.
it’s 1:11 cause why not, I wish I can do thing things to show you how much I fucking want you.
it’s 3:03, I wish you will be my forever and I can make you the happiest ever.
it’s 5:05, I wish we will have it all and be real.
I wish I can wake up to your face one day
I wish I can be the one who always gonna draw a smile on your face
I wish I can be always there for you whenever you need me
I wish you can be mine and let me do all the things I dream about doing them for you
I wish I can see your face right now
I wish I can kiss your eyes right now
I wish I can whisper i love you in your ear right now
I wish I can sleep while I’m listening to your heart beats
I wish I can let you know about my dark side
I wish you can make forget everything about it
it’s 8:08, I wish I can fucking kiss you hard.
it’s 9:09, I wish I can fucking hold you tight the much that you can feel my love.
it’s 2:02, I wish you’ll be the happiest with me.
it’s 1:01, I wish I’ll drive you crazy. crazier than a wild heart in love.
it’s 11:11, I wish you’ll be aware of how much I am a crazy, fucked person, I love pain and I wouldn’t like it if there’s no hurt at all.
it’s 11:10, I wish I’ll spend my whole life with you
7:07 another wish I won’t let you know about it
it’s 11:11, I wish that I’ll love you right and show you how much I fucking love you.
it’s 11:11.. and I just made a fucking big wish.
it’s 11:11, I wish I can always put dat beautiful smile on your face.
It’s 12:12, I wish forever exists so I can have it only with you.it’s 12:14, I wish forever exists so you can take your time to finally decide that you wanna be mine, only mine.

I vow to always fill your heart with warmth,

I vow to always be there for you,

I vow to look at you the same way until I take my very last breath,

I vow to lift your sorrows,

I vow to love you with everything I am,

I vow to comfort you, 

I vow to be your only home,

I vow to fight for you, 

I vow to be your strength,

I vow to never let you down,

I vow to always be proud of our relationship,

I vow to keep you my top priority,

I vow to make you smile, always, 

I vow to be your saviour, 

I vow to be your bestfriend,

I vow to encourage you,

I vow to always listen to you,

I vow to dry your tears,

I vow to take care of you,

I vow to comfort your fears when you’re scared , 

I vow to always come back to you, 

I vow to be faithful to you,

I vow to always hold you with tenderness,

And I, vow to love you fiercely with no chains.

I’ll always be in your arms.

Happy valentines day.  


I wish you weren’t so far away..

I miss the smell of cigarettes and perfume that used to get stuck in my hair and on my clothes whenever I was with you. I miss not taking a shower or changing my clothes when I got home so that I can smell you for a bit longer. I miss telling you “I love smelling like you”.  And I love the scarf you gave me that day when I was cold, I wore it everytime I wasn’t feeling well, I would put it around my neck and bury the tip of my nose in it and inhale the smell of  you… It doesn’t smell like you anymore. I miss you. Come back to me baby. Come home.

Field of sorrow-12:51 

You make me so mad sometimes I just feel like choking you the way your love chokes me every second, I imagine grabbing you by your neck with both of my hands and pressing against your throat aggressively until you start gasping for air while looking into my eyes. I wouldn’t hurt you baby, even if that’s all you do sometimes. I just want you to feel me, get a taste of that beautiful pain. You’ll love it, you’ll love it so madly.